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Home Watch

  • Home Watch of Galveston (HWOG) provides weekly or bi-monthly checks of exterior and interior of the home, and will provide an electronic report (see sample to left) with findings, observations and photos from the home at the time of the inspection. 
  • Our company uses business management software provided by Home Watch IT.  The reports we send you are all professionally produced by us, using software that captures the GPS coordinates as well as the time and date that corresponding to the report’s creation.  You have infallible evidence that your home was visited should you ever have an insurance claim or other need.
  •  Pre-storm and post-storm checks are also available
  • Realtor support
  • Coordination of Sub Contractors, if needed

Home for sale. Home Watch of Galveston services homes that are for sale on Tiki Island.

Realtor Support

A vacant home for sale needs regularly scheduled maintenance.  If your seller has relocated, and the home is  vacant, the burden of maintenance may become the responsibility of the agent.  Home Watch of Galveston (HWOG) can help relieve that burden, freeing the realtor to focus on selling the home.  

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